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For over twenty years we have been branding and marketing to two major markets: technology and healthcare. It was a natural progression to find a way to help those in healthcare with their online marketing needs. YoloCare began in 2009 with an idea- to provide professional and affordable website service to those in senior healthcare and rehabilitation.

It is clear that having a professional website is as important for a business as having a business card or a sign out front. If your constituency can’t find you, it is highly unlikely that they will call you. Our goals are to: make your company easy to find online, give your visitors a pleasant experience while they learn about your facility, and continually take advantage of the latest technology and find ways to improve the user experience

Who Are We?

Ron Hoopes

I was very fortunate to spend much of my career at ad agencies, working in broadcast, print, and web design. I founded YoloCare in 2009 because I believe everyone should have a website that looks good, is well maintained, and uses the best technology available.

Because of my immense love of anything sweet (just ask my coworkers) I wake up at 5:30am every morning to go running or mountain biking. I enjoy attending my children’s baseball and soccer games, going snowboarding, and embarking on the quest to find ice cream better than Thrifty Chocolate Malted Crunch.

Brian Rottschafer
National Sales Director

Growing up on an island off the coast of southern California, where my parents managed a church camp, I learned my love of people. I met hundreds of new people every week, and I tried to talk to every one of them.

Though I can’t work at our summer camp anymore, I enjoy traveling with my wife and three sons under 8 (it is just as crazy as you are thinking), coaching my sons’ little league teams, and working on my golf game (if only I could get rid of that pesky slice!).

Theresa Saunders
Customer Support Manager

Having worked for 12 years as a teacher, transitioning to YoloCare in 2014 was a treat (grown-ups everywhere!). Before teaching, my first job was in a nursing home, and I have a special place in my heart for those we build websites for.

I have four young children and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them. Every evening we laugh about stories from our day, work through any trials we experienced and spend time enjoying the outdoors.

Rachel Snyder
Customer Support Manager

I enjoy traveling and am working on setting foot on every continent (I still need to get to Antarctica and Australia). My dream destination is the Galapagos Islands.

I have a son and a daughter, and I enthusiastically cheer for them at their baseball games and swim meets. My favorite hobbies are reading (I am a grammar enthusiast!) and cooking. The best days are spent with my toes in the sand or cheering on my Angel’s baseball team.

Stan Wielga
Lead Web Developer

Adventure is my passion. I enjoy rock climbing, jujitsu, hiking, and exploring. My most recent (and favorite) adventure was hiking Machu Picchu. Before making the transition to web development, I worked in a lab that ran tests on infectious diseases.

While I can’t adventure every day, I enjoy coding, learning new things, LAMP stack, problem solving, League of Legends, and coffee.

Lexi Russell
Director of Finance, Senior Writer

I, unlike most sane people, enjoy change. In my ideal world I would move every two years and travel somewhere new every week. I love to be busy, and I am always looking for ways to make life exciting.

This probably explains why I took on two full-time jobs at YoloCare! I have had a passion for writing and reading since I was young (as is evident in my expansive home library and many attempts at novel writing) and I enjoy finances as much as the next person (mildly?).

An Introduction to YoloCare


“My facility truly would not have the community recognition that it currently has if I did not get YoloCare to help us with our website. Thank you so much!”

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