Do I really need a website?

Here is some information that may surprise you:

  • The senior population in the U.S. is growing from 40 million to 70 million over the next 20 years.
  • 67% of people over the age of 65 are already using search engines.
  • There are more than 3.3 million searches for nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities on Google every month.

It’s not uncommon for a website to be the only impression you have on a prospective resident. The families of your prospective residents are doing research for nursing homes online. If they can’t find you online, they’re likely to contact someone else.

I don’t have a logo or I don’t have it saved digitally. What do I do?

Part of what makes YoloCare unique is that we take the time to implement your logo and colors into the design of your website. If you do not have a logo, we can help. We have a professional logo designer leading our design team. Call us to get a new logo created.

Will my site show up on a Google search?

We create all of our websites with search engines in mind. We know you want to rank high and that is one of our most important goals for your website. There are many factors that contribute to how highly a website shows up in the rankings on Google and we take all of these constantly changing factors into consideration when we setup and maintain your website. While the nature of search engine optimization limits our ability to guarantee any specific result, it typically takes 3-6 months for a search of your facility name to result in your name showing up in the top 3 listings on Google.

Every day that your website is online adds credibility to your website that positively affects your ranking!

Can I get visitor and site statistics?

Yes. We can set up your website with Google Analytics, at your request. Please contact us for more information.

How long is the contract?

We offer a simple month-to-month agreement. This means you may cancel at anytime. We believe so strongly that you’ll love your website, and continue to get such great value out of it, that we allow you to cancel your website at any time without a penalty. In the event that you do cancel a website with us, your website will be active through the remainder of the month and you will not be billed again.

What is the setup fee?

Currently, we are offering your new website without a setup fee. Call soon to take advantage of this offer. The only exception is when a corporate group is asking for unique attributes to be added which are currently outside the scope of our standard features. Please call to inquire about special features that you would like added to your website.

What is included in the website service?

The service includes the initial build of your website, your domain name, the website hosting, edits and changes to your website as needed, access to the easy-to-use CMS (content management system), and technical support as it relates to your website.

What is the cost of the website?

You are billed on a monthly basis for the website service. We offer three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. To compare these plans, click here. Please call to get current pricing for the three plans.

We offer billing options that fit your facility’s preferences. You may send a check quarterly, use monthly electronic checking, or even a corporate credit card of your choice.

How long does it take to get a new website with YoloCare?

The average time to go live with a new website is less than two weeks. The process includes a short interview by our customer support team and some approvals on your part.

This is how it works:

  1. You answer some questions and send photos through email
  2. We build and write your new website
  3. You provide feedback, make any changes
  4. We implement all of your edits
  5. You give approval of final design/content
  6. We go live with the website

Why choose YoloCare?

A pleasant customer experience coupled with a professional website are our priorities.

Here are the top reasons to choose YoloCare:

  • Best in class customer support
  • No risk, month to month agreement
  • Website hosting, DNS hosting, and domain management are all included
  • Excellent organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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“My facility truly would not have the community recognition that it currently has if I did not get YoloCare to help us with our website. Thank you so much!”

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