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At YoloCare, we offer basic, standard, and premium plans to suit your specific website needs. Visit our Website Plan Options page to compare these three plans.

We specialize in the development and maintenance of websites for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home care companies. As an owner or administrator of your business, we know you’re busy and have more important things on your mind. We make it simple for you to have a professional and up-to-date website. Visit the Website Features page to see all the great options available to you.

Logo Design

At YoloCare, we understand the value of branding and marketing. We have a professional logo designer leading our design team, and we offer both complete redesigns and branding consultations.

Dedicated Webmaster & Support

Whenever you need to make a change or addition to your website, just contact our support staff. We typically get website updates implemented on the same business day.



Do you already have a great website? Perfect. Let us help enhance it for the benefit of your online visitors. Whether it is the “Send a Greeting” option, or simplifying your hiring process, we have ways to help. Please visit our Additional Services page to review options.

“The slide show of our pictures is a huge hit! I truly appreciated the attention to detail while YoloCare was making my website, it is very modern and sophisticated.”

Robyn Cusic, Archstone Care Center

“I spent a short time in consultation with YoloCare’s developer, sent him some pictures and some company information and before I knew it, we had a great website!”

Cort Green, Indio Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

“YoloCare possesses the personality and demeanor to put the clients at ease. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend YoloCare.”

Charles Wheeler, Beech Tree Manor

“The efficiency and ease with which YoloCare was able to develop our website is exactly what I needed.  The value cannot be beat for the end product and the service received.”

Cort Green, Indio Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

“We have had tremendous success attracting potential employees with our Careers page. YoloCare has finally made our presence felt on the Internet!”

Matt Butler, Bethel Health Care Center

“My facility truly would not have the community recognition that it currently has if I did not get YoloCare to help us with our website. Thank you so much!”

Robyn Cusic, Archstone Care Center

“When ‘Send a Greeting’ notes arrive, I go directly to our resident and let them read it. The looks that I get in return are priceless. This alone makes my day.”

Salvador Temores, Mountain View Healthcare Center

“It was certainly a pleasure dealing with YoloCare. Having never before designed a website, YoloCare very graciously walked us through each step of the process.”

Charles Wheeler, Beech Tree Manor

“Prior to using YoloCare we had a website for the facility that was less than perfect. We switched to YoloCare last year and now we have a beautiful website.”

Matt Butler, Bethel Health Care Center

“YoloCare makes excellent sense financially for us. It allowed us to have 6 terrific sites built that are very professional and impressive without having a huge upfront payment.”

Bryce Porter, Aspen Skilled Healthcare

“Thanks to YoloCare my contract nursing costs immediately decreased!”

Stephanie Carlson, Aneta Parkview Health Center

“The website looks great! Again, YoloCare has exceeded my expectations.”

Edwin Peterson, California Home Care Registry

“I just wanted to let you know that we are really happy with the website and everything is going really well and you guys have just been great.”

Kristina Krieger, Folsom Care Center

“YoloCare provides it all. Not only are they professional and easy to work with, but they helped me create a website that streamlined my hiring process.”

Stephanie Carlson, Aneta Parkview Health Center

Get Started

We offer three website service plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Visit our Get Started page to determine which website would work best for you.

We offer our clients access to our jobs database, which allows positions to be filled more easily.

Each website is designed to integrate the facility’s colors, logo, and other personal elements.

All of the text for each website is written and edited by our in-house writers.

Whenever changes are needed for your website, contact your dedicated web-master. Updates are generally completed same day.

Our creative team has extensive experience designing logos and brand consulting.

We offer many features to customize your website. We have calendars, slideshows, forms, maps, directions, links to social media, and more.

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